ENNIS — A traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a Dallas resident believed to be involved in a cockfighting ring.

Ennis Police are currently obtaining warrants for Jose Ernesto Delara Guzman, 32, on the charges of cockfighting for his possession of birds and cockfighting instruments.

Ennis Police pulled over a vehicle at approximately 2:15 p.m. on June 3 in the 900 block of S. Sherman St. for illegally tinted windows.

“Upon contact, the officer noticed a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra in the back floorboard that hand been opened. He identified the driver as Jose Ernesto Delara Guzman. The passenger was identified as Miguel Diaz of Dallas,” Ennis Police Detective Sargent Jason York said. “Jose advised that he did not have a driver’s license and did not have insurance on the vehicle. So he was detained for that. Miguel was intoxicated and he was placed under arrest for public intoxication.”

York stated that an inventory of the vehicle found a plastic bag containing the gaffs — blades or spurs, which are attached to a chicken’s leg for fighting. The strings and tapes that they use to attach them to the leg were also in the bag. During the search, officers also located three crates containing three live chickens.

York said both Guzman and Diza were taken into custody and the judge granted credit for time served on the public intoxication charge. Guzman was transferred to the Wayne McCollum Detention Center and was booked into the jail on June 4.

According to online records with the detention center, Guzman is no longer listed as an inmate. York added that Diaz was only charged with public intoxication.

York stated that police initially filed a charge of animal cruelty against Guzman but dismissed it and instead filed for cockfighting, which includes the possession of birds and cockfighting instruments.

According to Chapter 42.105 of the Texas Penal Code, cockfighting is defined as any situation in which one cock attacks or fights with another cock. A gaff means an artificial steel spur designed to attach to the leg of a cock to replace or supplement the cock's natural spur. A slasher means a steel weapon resembling a curved knife blade designed to attach to the foot of a cock.

“We were not there for the fight, but we can prove the birds were used for fighting because they were scared up,” York stated. “He (Jose) told them in the jail that he had been fighting them.”