Life is short so if you’re looking for an eternity of indescribable joy, you had best do well ‘cause there’s good deeds and then there’s good intentions and they are as far apart as heaven and hell. – Anonymous

Without God’s grace and Jesus, we’re sunk. It’s that simple. There just isn’t enough good we can do in this life to justifiably inherit an eternity with our Maker. If good works got us to Heaven then Jesus’ life, death and resurrection wouldn’t have been necessary. That said, how we treat others matters deeply. Grace only goes so far. Mistreating others and living a life contrary to the design God created will lead to consequences more suited for a place other than Heaven. We will, in fact, reap what we sow in this life whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

What baffles me about modern day society, where self comes first, greed rules nearly every decision people make and money is greater an idol than ever before, is the embedded willingness to ignore the destiny of those who live in such a way. Frankly, it’s easier to treat others well than to treat them lousy. And, compassion toward others certainly feels better than contempt. So does kindness. So does empathy. So does encouragement. So does love.

We all have people in our worlds who are disgruntled by nature and who rarely contribute much of anything to the lives of others. The question though is, are we that person in anyone’s world? Have you ever stopped to think about the impact you have on those around you? Is there someone in your life who needs your compassion, love and empathy? It’s easy to tell people you care for and love them - it’s another thing to show them. For showing them takes time, energy and sometimes money. It often means sacrifice and it most always means putting yourself second or third or last.

Society is in desperate need of those who understand the greatness that comes from treating people well. Great business leaders are those who serve their employees. Great husbands are men who honor their wives, spend time with their children and who, with authentic purpose, lead in the home. Coaches who never find it necessary to rant, rave and swear in attempts to lead are the kinds of coaches every kid needs. Teachers who care about the end result of their instruction are teachers who lead students down a path of significant accomplishment and worthy achievement. Pastors who teach the practical nature of God’s plan for us are leaders who lead others to salvation.

We have a choice in how we treat people … even those who may not deserve compassion, care and love. Without doubt, your life and mine will be far more fulfilling and complete if we make the conscious choice to treat all people well. I can assure you that I need to do better and I’m guessing you can make a concerted effort to do better yourself. The point is that if we all just do a little more to enrich those around us, society will be a better place.

Look no further than Jesus for the example we all should follow and never forget that, if not for His grace, love and compassion, we’d all be lost.

Truth is, I’d rather us all be saved.