To the Editor,

Melissa Starnater is a quality individual and will be a quality member of the Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees. I am deeply honored to speak on her behalf.

The education of its children is one of the most important functions of a community. Selecting residents to serve as governing stewards of its school system is a critical part of providing quality learning experiences that should be designed to equip and prepare children with proper tools. These tools will help them to create a positive future. Melissa Starnater will be a trustee who understands this overall mission and purpose of public education. She's been involved in public education for over 20 years from a comprehensive standpoint, so she is well suited to ease into the role of trustee.

Mrs. Starnater and I worked together when I served as the Superintendent for DeSoto ISD. She was very knowledgeable and dependable as my public relations/communications director. I could count on her to handle situations with the media in a calm manner, and she delighted in promoting the accomplishments of our students and staff. When she left to continue her family I knew she had the right priorities. We have remained in touch and she still has the right priorities in that she is willing to serve her community in this capacity.

Waxahachie is a respected and quality community. Thus, it has a quality school system. Actions of the citizens can sustain this. I urge you to give strong consideration and your vote to Melissa Starnater. She will serve your community and your children very, very well.


Alton Frailey, Former Superintendent DeSoto ISD, President, American Association of School Administrators