To the Editor,

Waxahachie residents are fortunate to have Judd McCutchen running in the May 6th election for the Board of Trustees for WISD. Judd has deep roots in the community, growing up here, with the exception of attending college, returning home to make a life for his family.

Judd is greatly admired within the Waxahachie Community. I have seen Judd working with the children and school administration as we worked most recently serving the WISD Education Foundation, where Judd served as President. He has a broad educational vision and he is dedicated to helping all students succeed, he is a practical thinker who follows through on his commitments. He would also be committed to involving parents in those decisions that the School Board will face.

He will bring his vision, expertise, and dedication to our public schools. I know that he wants every child in our town to have the same support and success that he desires for his children, who attend and will attend WISD. We’re lucky to have such an outstanding public servant standing for election to the School Board.

Vote for Judd McCutchen on May 6th.


Melissa M. Ballard