Unless you’ve been out of the country the past few weeks, you’re likely aware that the variety of unnecessary nonsense permeating town lately has gotten a bit crazy. We’ve reported on most, if not all, of it from what I can tell and from what I can tell, there’s not much good in any of it … nor is there much reason for it. So indulge me please when I say it’s time to for the nonsense to go away and we get back to being the world class community for which we’re known.

We’ll always have our little mob of malcontents obsessed with disparaging every human or organization they can lay some dopey mischaracterization on, but notwithstanding such communal burdens, we need to rise above the nonsense. I’ve written several times about these folks including naming some names, but not today. It is, after all, their love affair with the spotlight that’s driving them. That love affair, combined with an insatiable desire to constantly slander people, produces the untamed, unhinged horde of folks we currently observe galloping through social networks with guns blazing. A few of them are obsessed, by example, with inflicting as much damage on the school district as possible and, for reasons I’ll never understand, go on said social network rants that leave little doubt as to just how sad and odious they’ve become. Facts rarely get in their way and most consider themselves to be experts on everything about which they know very little. Some have resorted to using silly aliases and some even like the self-appointed label of “anarchists.” Some carry the heavy baggage of bitterness while others conduct themselves in ways that will never lead to success. Whatever the medley of labels these people either seek or earn, their contributions to the growth and well-being of a community are few in number. In fact, contributing is not their intent. Getting attention by displaying absurd behaviors in the name of some twisted claim is. What’s scary about these personable darlings is that they either don’t know how isolated they’re becoming or they find comfort in their toxic cocoons of radical, vitriolic buffoonery.

Truth is, Waxahachie is a community with more going for it than most its size in America. Strong values, a healthy retail base, a growing school system, an excellent medical facility, academic and athletic achievements, plenty to do, 80 or so churches, responsible leadership and the like are attributes that define Waxahachie. What can never be included in that definition though is the enabling or acceptance of people who seek to inflict damage on those striving to contribute. Differing views, when communicated effectively and that are intended to make a positive impact, are necessary for any company, city, organization, etc. to achieve success. Waxahachie is full of people able to express new ideas well and we should celebrate them. Then there are those who intend to do nothing more than hurt others simply for the purpose of self-gratification. As such, they aren’t needed any more than a car needs square wheels.

It’s time to rise above those who spend time and energy incessantly complaining about hard-working folks trying to improve this town, who cause trouble for trouble’s sake, who only want to be heard but that have no idea what it means to contribute and who intend to stain an extraordinary community. Waxahachie, after all, should be known for class, character, commonwealth and a commitment to remain as good a place in America as there is to call home. For those who purposely seek to rip those attributes apart, I say find another place to wreak your hatred.

Waxahachie has had enough.