To the Editor,

I have lived in Waxahachie for almost eight years and have known Judd McCutchen for 7 of those years. I am excited that Judd has decided to run for a place on the school board!

I have a vested interest in what happens with WISD schools as I have three children with 2 of them currently enrolled in WISD and another to start in 2 years. Waxahachie is our home, and we want was is best for our home. I am a huge believer that a school system can help make or break a community. I believe WISD is headed in a really good direction but can always use great people in leadership.

I have found Judd to be a man of integrity as well as one who has been active in serving his community through school events, in and through his church, and as a leader in his business.

I also believe the way a person leads their household is a great picture of how he will lead in other areas. This perspective strengthens my confidence in placing Judd into a position of leadership. He is a man that loves his wife and girls and works hard to be the man he needs to be to take care of them to the best of his ability.

I will be voting for Judd McCutchen for WISD School Board in May and would encourage others to consider him as well.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Bankhead, Waxahachie