To the Editor, 

Everyone has a pet peeve. Mine is municipalities, Dallas-Tarrant County, dumping their industrial, medical, storm, and household sewage sludge on our Ellis County and putting our citizen’s health at risk. I have written many times about it. My side peeve deals with a little Ellis County politics and people like Bill Kinsala who thinks he is clean-up for Ellis County Officials and he has written many times about it. Personally, I think Voters are sick to death of politics. How do I know? I am sick to death of it too.

When I hear Bill go on about Ellis County and fails to mention Judge Bush signing a sworn affidavit (09-2013) that stated “On my oath, I swear or affirm that at least forty percent (40%) of the functions I perform as county judge are judicial function” for MONEY and got away with it till caught, then I feel Mr. Bill has an obvious hidden agenda if you will.

Since Mr. Bill stated “It certainly isn't gratifying either when groups locally and from out of town without the capabilities to do the job criticize any and everything you do” in a letter posted 09-26-2016, I have to wonder if anything Mr. Bill says is genuine or is it just another “witch hunt” from the back seat of an old car.

Craig Monk, Waxahachie