It is an amazing to me, you wake up every single day, not knowing what it holds for you. For that matter, you don’t know what the next 30 seconds holds for you. You could win the lottery, you could be hit by a car, you could have a heart attack, or you could even find out that you have a long-lost family member that is on the brink of finding a cure for cancer.

Every day, every second, every moment is amazing to me. And today has been an amazing day for me. I woke up that same as always. Got my boys up, packed lunches, fed them breakfast, took them to school, and headed into work; but what I didn’t know was in store for me, was some pretty amazing people in my future. Some I already knew, and some I had never met before. I thought it was just going to be another typical “Groundhog Day,” and a repeat of the same thing I do every single day.

But what I realize now is that these people, and their art of conversation, were put in my life for a reason. I may not realize what it is now, or tomorrow, but I have no doubt that these people were put in my path today for some reason.

I ran into my favorite coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee and had the most delightful conversation with the business owner; then on my way to a meeting, I was stopped by a familiar face from my past.

She stopped me in the street and asked me if I was who she thought I was, and I accordingly said yes. And that was followed by a wonderful conversation about her life, her kids, where they live, and their new lives.

Then off to my meeting, where I sat and had a wonderful conversation with this person. To whom I already knew, but I learned something new about them, their life, and their thought process. And towards the end of our meeting, a fascinating man, a man of God, walked in and was friends with the business owner in which I had the meeting, and he began to tell us about his life, some good stories, some bad. But the information I took away from it was priceless. And the purpose of that meeting was solidified by that man’s presence and purpose in life.

While in the meantime, before that “said” meeting began, another couple was in the building that I began to chat with, and he said he spent three months in a trailer in Corsicana. So, I, of course, asked why, and he said he was a part of the crew that helped pick up and clean up from the shuttle disaster that took place many years ago. But he and his wife lived in North Carolina, and they wanted to swing back through Corsicana.

So, you see, you never know what the day may hold for you. I hope that each and every day brings you joy or some form of happiness or learning, but I know that is not always the case. But appreciate the art of conversation, the gift of small-town chatter, and always be open and receptive to new people crossing your path; you never know what they will bring to your “life’s table.”

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