On Monday, April 18 of last year, Missy Bevers was murdered. It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since a mom, sister, daughter, wife and friend was killed in the early morning hours of a rainy Monday as she prepared to lead an exercise class in the quiet halls of a church. Although a year for most, it can feel more like a lifetime for Missy’s family.

While I remain steadfast in my support for the brave, tough and determined people investigating this crime, it’s fair to question why it is taking so long. It’s difficult to grasp the notion that a woman can be killed in such a horrific way and that the person responsible for it remains on the loose. Simple to say I know, but this case needs to be solved soon. Missy’s family deserves it and so does the community of people who love Missy. Above all, Missy’s three daughters need to know that every law enforcement agency working this case will not stop until the killer is found, arrested and brought to justice. Call me crazy, but it’d be mighty comforting to hear such an affirmation of that resolve from someone doing the investigating.

Like you, I couldn’t care less the gender, ethnicity, size, walk or whatever about the killer, but I do care that some lost soul got all dressed up in his or her SWAT gear and chose to bludgeon a woman to death … in our community. I care that three young girls don’t have a mom anymore and that a family is without a loved one. I care that rumors flew, and some still do, about Missy and possible motives as to why someone would commit such an act. I care that church-goers have to wonder what happened in their church building and I care about the possibility of having a murderer among us.

So, as on occasions prior, I have a few words for the person responsible for so much pain, misery and loss.

Rest assured, we won’t stop shedding light on what you’ve done and the desperate need to find you. May you never be free of the truth that, whether tomorrow or decades from now, you will be found. Until then, may you constantly wonder if the police car you see on any given day is the one to pull you over and that every knock on your door could be the police eager to take you downtown. May you never stop looking behind you and may you grow wearier every day of being on the run. May the sight of the person you see in your mirror be enough to convince you that life is still of some value and that turning yourself in is the best choice you can make. May you find the pain you’ve caused to be enough to compel you to somehow care about three young girls who need some answers and a whole lot of comfort.

Equally important, may you come to realize that only God can restore meaning to your life as long as you do what’s right. What’s right is turning yourself in and accepting the consequences of your actions. For not only does God forgive, He provides countless examples of how those who make such awful decisions in life can, in fact, get a second chance at finding salvation and purpose.

Running will lead you to hell. Turning yourself in can give you hope.