ENNIS — With the start of spring and warmer weather, Ellis County road crews will once again start making improvements to roadways — with more than 30 miles planned for repair in Pct. 2, alone.

According to Pct. 2 Commissioner Lane Grayson, the Pct. 2 Road and Bridge crew will tackle more than 20 roads this season.

“My main priority is to make our roads as passable as we can and to make sure that our road safety is our top priority. We want to make sure that basic fundamental road maintenance procedures are being followed and that our response times, due to issues with weather and deteriorating road conditions, are responded to in a timely manner," Grayson said. “Since I have been in office, we have responded to over 800 constituent requests to road issues. We have repaired them in a very timely manner. I always try to track those work orders to make sure that they are responded to in a reasonable amount of time. We are continuing to practice good fundamental road maintenance, drainage, vegetation control, and making sure the roads are passable.”

Grayson said his department is always proactively working on roads sooner as opposed to later so that a suitable surface can be maintained. In total, Pct. 2 maintains more than 230 miles of roadway, which includes a new batch of road that crews have planned in the areas around Boyce.

“We will be starting with Shaw Road, Cook Road, and Old Church Road. Then we are going to be doing First, Second and Third Boyce Streets. That is where we are going to be starting, and there is more to come after that,” Grayson said. “Because there are over 20 roads that we are scheduling will adjust due to circumstances. There are competing construction projects with TxDOT and municipalities. We want to make sure that we don’t put one of our projects right next to theirs because it makes it difficult for the driving public to navigate from one repair to another repair. At any given time they are more than welcome to call our office to see where were are on the repair schedule and where we are going next.”

Grayson also noted that Pct. 2 would soon complete one project related to flooding in 2015.

“We will be finished with, or will be finishing within the next two weeks, is our last Federal Emergency Management Agency project. You know that we secured some FEMA funding from some of the flooding that we had a couple of years ago. We are finishing up those as we speak.,” Grayson said. “The last one was on Old Waxahachie Road. It will be finished in the next couple of weeks that way we have fully utilized the FEMA dollars that came through.”

Grayson, who is in the second half of his first term, hopes to help develop the county’s future with careful planning and strengthening communication.

“On the countywide side, I am anxious for us to continue to move forward by looking at our thoroughfare plan. I want to see our commissioners’ court commit some resources to updating a major thoroughfare plan. The one that we have is definitely out of date and we need to improve that. I know at one time, well before my term, there was a comprehensive plan and it too needs to be updated and increased,” Grayson said. “In addition to that, we need to continue to support our other elected offices and department heads and encourage them to communicate what their goals are. I would like for us to communicate those on a countywide basis so that we can know what they are doing.”

Grayson said this new level of communication would help the commissioners' court to furnish the financial backings to help accomplish the goals of different departments. Grayson also added that he would like to work with local officials throughout the county, as well, so the court can get a better idea of the direction each city is heading for a better overall picture of the county.

The Pct. 2 Road and Bridge Barn is located at 1400 Oak Grove Road in Ennis. The main number for the office is 972-825-5333. It is open from Monday — Friday from 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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