Jay V. Adams, 58, was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on March 10, 1958. He graduated from Diman Regional High School and continued on to receive his BS Degree in Architectural Engineering from Roger Williams University.

Jay worked as a commercial estimator prior to his illness. He loved to play golf and read. He loved NASCAR and Sci-Fi and entertainment news, comics and horoscopes. He loved museums and art galleries. He had a wonderful, quirky, sense of humor. He was kind and curious and intelligent, always wanting to learn new and different things and wanting to get to the depth of information. He was excited to have the opportunity to meet Fred Haise, astronaut, and Fabien Cousteau, explorer, during the Chautauqua Preservation Society events where he was a member.

Jay was married to Cheri Beale and theirs was a love story. A true partnership in every sense of the word. He was fortunate enough to find the love of his life and spend just about 25 years of wedded bliss with her.

Jay was hit with cancer back in the late 80s when treatment was still so harsh on a body. With some complications, surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation...he beat it. Remission never looked so good. But last year cancer came back. It wasn't what he had fought before. This time it was more severe…more relentless, but he had the love and support of family, friends, and some help from up above. This time the surgeries were more extensive. This round definitely took a lot more out of him, but he fought…and won again. 

Recently we got the news that Jay had some heart issues and, although he had a heart and courage as big as a lion, the cancer treatments had left his heart not big or strong enough anymore.

Jay is survived by his wife Cheri, daughter Erin O’Brien Johnson, son-in-law Elton Johnson III, grandchildren Zoe and Gabriel Siems of Conroe, TX, sister Geny Silvia Isherwood, nieces Rebecca Salvail of Rhode Island and Rachel Salvail DePalo of Utah, brother-in-law and best friend William Beale of Largo, Florida, niece Kristen Collins Swangin and nephew Robert Collins of Indiana and many grand nieces and nephews. Jay is preceded in death by his father George “Murphy” Adams, his mother Jacqueline Eddy Adams and his nephew Gil Salvail.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be given to The American Heart Association at https://donatenow.heart.org

or to the American Cancer Association https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate/memorial-giving.html

A Celebration of Life will be held Friday, March 31, 2017, from 11 am – 1 pm at the Chautauqua Auditorium at Getzendaner Memorial Park, 400 S. Grand Ave, Waxahachie, TX. Jay’s family hopes that you will have some time to stop by and visit and share your memories of him with his family and friends.