In the midst of a world gone mad, there is only one who can save it - Jesus. It’s a profoundly simple truth yet an unnecessarily complex concept for many.

The reasons for the latter are plenty. When a society becomes crippled by its own wretched walk, it is said society that has little to no hope of being saved. Much like a doctor intent on operating on himself with the misguided notion he will be healed, modern day society seems to believe in its own remedial efforts to survive. Problem is, it can’t … and won’t.

Why is that? You can start with the elasticity of our boundaries - both figurative and literal. Most every element of society has stretched far beyond what was off-limits just a few short years ago. From the abominations peddled by Hollywood to the relativism sweeping through many churches these days, there are fewer and fewer boundaries in which to live a healthy, moral life. And, when there are no boundaries in society, society becomes a free-for-all. Think Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lying has taken the place of truth and respect for life throughout the world has given way to rampant, violent crime. Apathy has replaced the desire to care and people often use wild, senseless rhetoric to express opinions rarely developed based on any sort of truth. Immorality, in most every form, has wormed its way into society and with every wiggle is destroying lives. Television has morphed into a repository of greed, sex and indecency as the innocent eyes and ears of the young experience the process of being sedated to its soul-sucking affects.

I could go on for days, but you get the idea.

Society cannot save itself. Only Jesus can save this lost world and its time we begin to believe it. Jesus, after all, exists for that very purpose. Including those who not only publicly reject Jesus but who mock and belittle Him, the day is coming when Jesus’ saving power will be clear to all – even those doing the mocking. Elected officials that scheme and lie, even if they skate by in this life, will one day be asked to account for it. Actors, actresses and movie producers who have injected destructive levels of indecency into society will stand before a just God to explain the reasons. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, Westboro Baptist Church, KKK, Black Lives Matter and others will be judged for the loss of life, racism, bigotry and pain they’ve caused and those on Wall Street who’ve chosen to sell their soul to the devil to make an extra buck will have to come clean someday.

We all will.

As I see it, society only has a chance if those of us who profess to follow Jesus actually do our best to be like Him. That is, once we put Jesus first, our families second, our life’s work third and all else to then follow, society will begin to heal. When fidelity rules every relationship and ethics every business, we will feel the strengthening of communal foundations. When parents put the lives of their children ahead of appeasing the boss, those children will become the kinds of bosses this world needs. When we can be grateful for the blessing in our lives rather than identifying that which we don’t have but want, society will become more grounded in that which matters. And, when our faith in a sovereign God who gave us His only son becomes the guiding light of our lives, society will have a chance.

And, that chance is named Jesus.