As you already know, the Daily Light family experienced a tragedy last year that rocked our world. While many of you reading this were rocked by the same tragedy, our experience combined the essence of a dear, treasured friend and a deeply valued employee. As a well-known Waxahachie native and world-class photojournalist, Scott Dorsett has touched the lives of more folks than I can count. Starting in Waxahachie and spreading to all parts of the country, Scott’s story has brought to light a rare and extraordinary love that’s on display daily and followed by thousands. That story is being told in real time and, for posterity sake, is being well-documented.

But today, I want to tell you about another Scott.

This Scott, a Waxahachie and Grand Prairie boy as well as humble soul, has faced enormous odds, is beating those odds and, in doing so, is inspiring his family and friends in his own special way. In some cases, both Scott’s share the same friends. I just happen to be one of them.

Scott Poarch, a 30-year-old son, brother, uncle and friend, is another example of someone in town who has stared death in the face and survived. Not only has Scott survived death’s pull, he’s done so with humility, grace and determination. Along the way, Scott P., similar to Scott D., has dealt with unimaginable fear, debilitating pain, confusing uncertainty and the perils of life’s new path.

The story of Scott Poarch began with diabetes — diabetes that, through a series of events, attacked Scott’s skin and, eventually, his brain. Scott has had multiple surgeries to date, has lost sight in his left eye, has experienced several painful skin grafts and continues to go through intense therapies. Like Scott D., Scott P. has spent many days and nights in the hospital, is re-learning basic life skills and is as kind a person as many of us will ever know. Both men have beautiful families, growing numbers of supporters and both are loved tenderly by a merciful, faithful God.

We often hear, and most believe, that God makes something good out of all things for those who love Him. I believe that and so should you. I know both Scott’s believe it and am convinced such a belief has sustained them.

We also often hear about the supposed ‘heroes’ in life. They usually come from the sports and entertainment industries and are people we know very little about but who many revere. Even so, I say the real heroes are men like Scott D. and Scott P. For they are men who seek to serve others, who care about their families, who are kind and generous and who never give up. They are men whose stories tell us well about life’s fragility and what unbeatable courage looks like. Above all, both men are teaching us to find real joy in life’s little pleasures, to love unconditionally, to give freely, to live faithfully and to never stop believing that being in God’s will is the sweetest spot life has to offer.

God has an immense purpose for both Scott’s and I, for one, am honored to watch it all unfold in the years to come. As it does, may both men know how much they are loved.