WAXAHACHIE — Despite the fluctuating economy, employees of Citizens National Bank of Texas understand the importance of giving back to a community that has given so much to them.

On Monday, Jan 23., Citizens National Bank of Texas presented a check for $38,439.68 to United Way of West Ellis County for their year-long campaign of helping those in need. The money raised will contribute to assisting United Way’s inventive solutions by joining people and organizations together through education, finances, and health.

“We’re different from most non-profits, we don’t have a big event. We go out to employers like CNB. We talk to their employees and ask for them to donate a portion of their payroll,” stated Jolie Hartmann of United Way of West Ellis County.

As a part of the campaign, employees were asked to consider donating a portion of their checks towards the cause, either monthly or as a one-time contribution.

“We had about 150 employees participate that gave each pay period or gave one-time donations. Some cut checks directly, or made a payroll deduction over the last year,” said Clint Almand, Senior Vice President of the Midlothian CNB branch.

With both organizations being generous at heart and with a desire to improve the quality of Ellis County, the amount was more than charitable. Employees contributed $19,219.84, only to be matched by CNB for a total of $38,439.68. The average an employee gave from each check was around $5 per pay period, a minuscule sacrifice that is now sowing back into the community.

“The bank being a local community bank that has branches across Ellis County believes in supporting the United Way because we can have a direct impact on a number of agencies and people in our county that need their assistance," Almand explained. "While we support as a bank, we support many nonprofit organizations and endeavors across the county with our corporate dollars. The United Way campaign is the one time during the year where our employees themselves give money that then turns out to be a huge amount."

The funds are going toward helping 28 different non-profits throughout Ellis County's backyard and in the communities around the world to build a stable, healthier, trustworthy place to live, which Almand said was the best part of the campaign journey.

“There’s one thing that’s meaningful to me — our bank corporately gives a lot. This is the one time, we as employees, can give back to our community,” he said, proudly looking around the room at the men and women who contributed to their community.

To connect with Citizens National Bank of Texas, visit cnboftexas.com or call (972)-938-4300.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer