ENNIS — Alvin Elkins' claims that he was a police officer did not pass muster with a Walmart employee and certainly did not hold up when confronted by real law enforcement officers.

The 44-year-old Corsicana resident now faces charges of impersonating a public servant and theft of property less than $2,500 with two or more previous convictions after Ennis Police arrested Elkins on Jan. 19.

“Him and a girlfriend or a female he was with went into Walmart. He stole a BB gun pistol and stuck it in his pants. Well, he is walking through Walmart and the gun falls out of his pants and a Walmart employee sees him. He (Elkins) picks up the gun and puts in his pants and it falls out again,” Ennis Police Lt. Mike Hopson said. “So he (the employee) goes up to him and asks, ‘Hey are you a licensed handgun carrier' because he was kind of concerned with this guy dropping a pistol. This gun looks like an actual firearm.”

Hopson said Elkins told that employee that does not need to have a license because he is a homicide investigator out of Hill County.

“He never shows a badge or identification. So the guy asks him if he has an ID with him. He says, ‘Well it is out in the car.’ He soon leaves after that. The Walmart employee gets suspicious and follows him out to the car, gets the license plate number and calls the police department. Patrol stops them down the street,” Hopson said. “Come to find out, it was a BB gun, and he was not a not a Hill County homicide investigator. They had been stealing property from Walmart and stole the BB gun at Walmart. The girlfriend got arrested for parole violation on the traffic stop, and they arrested him for possession of drug paraphernalia at the time.”

Hopson said police ended up charging him with the theft of over $500 worth of property that he had in the backpack. He also had a charge filed against him for impersonating a public servant.

Elkins remains in custody at of 12:30 on Tuesday at the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Waxahachie with bonds totaling $6,500.

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