WAXAHACHIE — The Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce is currently in a media transition, revamping its entire website to fit the burgeoning business community better. From the layout of the homepage to personal portals and a user-friendly experience, the new website promises to appease the community along with personalizing its individual members.

“Waxahachie is growing so fast, we want to be able to let our local businesses know how they can set their feet and stay relevant, and we think that’s through networking,” stated Sandy King, CFO of Waxahachie’s Chamber of Commerce.

As the city continues to evolve from the expansion of population and local businesses, Waxahachie’s Chamber chose to revise their network to adapt the rapid change.

“We’ve learned that up to 50 percent of business owners are younger or of the millennial age. So we know that website and web design are very important. People are changing, and they want to get their information in basically 30 seconds of seeing something. They don’t want to read a lot of text, they want an active, easy to see, easy to read, quick information in one spot,” explained King, adding to the nationwide update.

“Chambers across the nation have moved toward providing good business clients and communication, not only to get information out from the business community to the public but also between businesses as a peer relationship,” she said.

Changing the look and feel of their new online identity not only revolves around a fresh style palette, but also the functionality of the content.

“It’s absolutely more user-friendly and allows people to promote every aspect of their business, whether it's job opportunities or growth in their business or whatever needs that they need — it’s all about business development,” expressed King, elaborating on the accessories the new website will soon have. “We’re able to do all online registration for all of our events, and our individual member portal where they can post jobs, and post events they have going on. They have a social media feed where they can talk to each other or give each other hot deals or coupons that are member-to-member. We’re just trying to develop that peer-to-peer relationship so that our businesses locally can position themselves, not only in the community but alongside other peers."

For members, the website will not only serve as a posh business directory but an interactive point to mingle and exchange ideas.

“There’s going to be the ability to embed links all throughout each member's portal so they can direct people to their own websites. There’s going to be a rolling calendar that continues to roll as people add more things that they have access to. We’ll also have news and current events, whether it’s legislative or laws that are coming down throughout the chain, so we’ll funnel through current events and current news that affect our businesses,” affirmed King.

Benefiting certain groups with updates on health codes and revised laws, the chamber is working hard to provide this useful feature for those needing it. As for the general community, the site will constitute as the ultimate information hub for finding solutions.

“We’re hoping it’s going to make the community see us, the chamber, as their ‘problem solvers’. That’s our big focus this year. We want the community and of course all of our businesses to look at us as the one’s that can solve your problems," King added. "Whether it is a permit that you need help with, or you have a leak out front, we want to be able to connect to businesses, to the city leaders, as well as to the public when they have events and things like that. We are doing it to make sure that we, the chamber, is the hub of all problem-solving."

The website is expected to be up and running within the next two weeks.

To reach the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, call (972) 937-2390 or visit the current site at waxahachiechamber.com.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer