AUSTIN – In a perceived united power move, Rep. John Wray recently joined fellow Texas House members today in calling on the federal government to reimburse Texas taxpayers for over $2.8 billion in costs resulting from Washington’s failure to secure the border.

“Securing the nation’s borders is a federal responsibility, but the continued failure of Washington to accept this responsibility has forced Texas to take action on our own,” Wray said. “The non-mandatory acceptance of this responsibility has led to Texas taxpayers carrying a tremendous financial burden that should be shared equally by all Americans. Today we ask Washington to live up to its responsibility and secure our nation's southern border, and to reimburse Texans for the $2.8 billion they have spent cleaning up the federal government’s mess.”

Since January 2013, the state of Texas and local governments have been forced to spend $2.8 billion as a result of the federal government’s failure to secure the border.

Costs include:


Texas Department of Public Safety – $1,410,563,257

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department – $20,268,215

Texas Military Forces – $62,976,798


Texas Department of Criminal Justice – $463,278,833

County Jails – $265,563,826


Texas Health & Human Services Com. – $416,882,000


Texas Education Agency – $181,185,708


Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission – $670,728

TOTAL KNOWN COSTS – $2,821,389,365

Wray, who is currently in Austin participating in the 85th Texas Legislative session, is in his second term as Texas State Representative of House District 10, which is the area encompassing Ellis County and a portion of Henderson County.