ARLINGTON — Even with a handful of key lifters missing, Waxahachie Indian and Lady Indian powerlifters pumped their way to two second-place team finishes Saturday afternoon in the Oakridge Iron Championships.

After the meet held at The Oakridge School in Arlington, Caleb High and Anthony Perez maintained their No. 1 regional rankings in the 220-pound and 242-pound class, respectively, while several others are currently sitting as the second or third seed after two meets this season.

High, who did not compete over the weekend, still boasts a 1,475-pound three-lift total to remain as the top-ranked lifter in the 220-pound class, but fellow Indian Nick Stewart nearly matched the total Saturday.

Stewart finished the meet in first place for the 220-pound class with his 1,470 three-lift total, as he pumped out 560 on squat, 360 pounds on the bench press and pulled a 550-pound deadlift. The showing garnered Stewart a "Most Outstanding Lifter" nod as the pound-for-pound standout amongst all Oakridge Iron Championship competitors.

Perez capped his day in first place in the 242-pound class with a 1,465 three-lift total, which included 525 pounds inside of the squat rack, 400 pounds on bench press and a 540-pound deadlift. The senior also broke a school record Saturday in the 242-pound class with his 400-pound bench press.

In addition to the two first-place finishers, two other Indians placed second — Nick Henderson with a 1,010 total in the 148-pound class and Cam Morris with his 1,185 pounds in the 165-pound class.

The Indians finished 12 points behind first-place Dallas Jesuit and 13 points clear of third-place Venus.

As for the regional rankings, Junior Chavez, Tony De La Cruz, Cam Morris and Nick Stewart are all situated in second place for their respective weight classes, while Henderson and Matthew Rolen sit in third.

Individual results for the Lady Indian powerlifters were not available as of press time.


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