WAXAHACHIE — Word of mouth is quickly spreading about the freshest delight off North Highway 77 that is igniting Waxahachie’s cravings for something delectably ingenious and uncommon. A place where stunning bouquets meet decadent flavors, Edible Arrangements is providing an unparalleled experience where one can literally “taste the love.”

“When we show up at somebody’s door, they get excited. Everybody loves getting a gift, and most of us love giving as well," said Ron Bolar, co-owner of Edible Arrangements with his wife, Cecilia. "If you want to give something that’s unique, we have an assortment of arrangements."

Opening the franchise to the public Wednesday, Jan. 18, the Bolar’s offer everything from fresh fruit baskets to boxes of chocolate-dipped fruit and smooth parfaits and froyos.

“Our products are all handmade. If you think about some of our competitors out there, they mass-produce everything and use machines, and when it shows up at your door, it’s not as fresh as it can be. From start to finish, by the time you get the fruit from it’s raw form and get it cut, assembled, and out the door, it’s a very laboring, intensive process,” explained Mr. Bolar about their store’s attention to detail and personalization.

“For us, we’re getting the fruit in the same day, and we’re cutting it, assembling it, dipping it, designing — all of it is handcrafted,” Mrs. Bolar added.

Among the many neat concepts of Edible Arrangements, the Bolar’s also offer an option for those ordering an arrangement a little behind schedule.

“If you’re ever looking for a last minute gift, which all of us do, you can literally come to the store or call us the same day, and we’ll be able to make it up and have it ready for you," Mr. Bolar stated. "Unlike most places, you call them in the afternoon, chances of getting something that big are pretty slim. As a matter of fact, we open at eight every day and close at seven, but if you call as late as five, we’ll take the order, make it, and get it out for delivery."

“And we also have an assortment of arrangements as well. If you want to come in real quick, we usually have some options so you can grab it and go quickly,” Mrs. Bolar added.

With a promising future, the newcomers to the area are not new to the industry. Originating out of Cedar Hill, Waxahachie's newest addition will be the Bolar’s ninth location added since 2002.

“I was always busy with my photography business, and he had a full-time job as well, and I was like, ‘Okay, what’s your vision. How many do you want?’ And my husband said he just wanted three — that was his goal. Well, we have nine,” laughed Mrs. Bolar.

Before balancing a busy schedule of nine businesses and two kids, Mr. Bolar was on a “franchise hunt,” looking for something to supplement their photography business. Neither one had heard of Edible Arrangements until one fateful phone call.

“My older brother was on an airplane and happened to flip through the airplane books, and saw an ad for Edible Arrangements and called my brother and said, ‘Hey Ron, look at this Edible Arrangements - this is really cool.’ So my husband looked it up, and before you know it, he’s booked a flight to Connecticut. He came home, stopped at a local store in Dallas – there was only a few in Dallas at the time, and he bought a box and said, ‘this is what we’re opening.’ And I was like, ‘What’” recalled Mrs. Bolar, tickled by the moment.

And so, the Bolar’s are here to stay, adding an extrinsic flare to the community with gourmet chocolate, fresh fruit, and an easy-going atmosphere ready to serve.

“We’re excited about being here, and we couldn’t get here fast enough! Waxahachie is a very special community," Mr. Bolar said. "It’s friendly, and it feels like a family environment. It’s a small town, but with the amenities of a larger town. It’s got that small-town feel, where people look out for each other."

“I was blown away. I was out earlier going shopping, getting some last minute things, and people here are asking me, ‘Got a card? When are you opening? We’re so excited!’ I mean, everybody here is really friendly,” agreed Mrs. Bolar.

Carrying a passion for serving their new home with a smile, a twist of health, and a sweet-tooth hankering, the Bolar’s are confident they will keep their customers coming back for more.

Visit Edible Arrangements at 508 N Highway 77, Suite 200, or contact by visiting ediblearrangements.com or (214) 903-4422


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer