At 10:01 p.m. CDT, Fox News officially made the call to award Florida and its 29 electoral votes to Donald Trump — or, as many are preparing to refer to the lifelong businessman, the 45th President of the United States of America.

However, it was not until 10:32 p.m. CDT that Trump won “Bigly” by piercing the Democratic “blue wall” with a win in Wisconsin. He then took Iowa and its six electoral votes to move ahead in the Electoral College 238-209.

The country was then forced to sit on its hands, hold its collective breath and wait.

And wait.

Approximately two hours after the wall began to fall, Trump received the final push he needed by way of a *** percent win in Pennsylvania to reach the 270 required electoral votes. The same state which hosted the first and second Continental Congresses and where the Declaration of Independence was penned, gave Trump his 27th state victory and a key to the Oval Office.

“I wanted to see Trump win because of his Supreme Court selection. It was the key factor for this country to get back to the constitution,” Waxahachie resident Randy Bellomy said. “As long as his Supreme Court judges get back to the constitution then I will be ecstatic about his presidency. He will work on the economy and the border. All of those things are great but if we don’t have the constitution in a solid place because it’s been eroded over the last 20-30 years.”

During the watch party held at the Ellis County Republican headquarters, Nelson Baird added, “Short term, we need to fix the economy, borders, and cutting taxes. Long term, in order to make any difference, we have to come back to the Constitution and pay attention to it. We absolutely had to elect someone who will appoint Supreme Court judges who can actually read it. Some of the ones we had under Obama, figured that it doesn’t matter what it said.”

Bellomy and Baird were among the 44,807 (70.1 percent) in Ellis County who voted for the Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence ticket. However, during an election that drew 65,385 of Ellis County’s 102,217 registered voters to a voting booth, there were also 10,168 (25.7 percent) residents who backed the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine card.

“I have a lot of confidence in our country and our government. I would say we have survived worse, but I don’t know if we have,” said Chair of the Ellis County Democratic Party Nancy Cannaday. “We will survive but it’s a shame because anyone level-minded knows she’s better qualified than Donald Trump.”

While Vivian Gibson added that she thinks “[Hillary] accepts the fact that she didn’t win. I can see her calling him now and congratulating him. He would never do that.”

Inauguration Day is Friday, Jan. 20. America will be watching.

*Additional reporting by Kelsey Poynor/WDL


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