WAXAHACHIE — Rescue, assimilate, rehome – repeat. This is the constant process of Streets to Sheets, a thriving dog-rescue organization saving and rehoming unwanted dogs all over the Ellis County. Since August of this year, founder Mysti Boehler is changing the game when it comes to adopting dogs into forever homes.

From her first rescue — a pit bull named Sophie, Boehler was hooked on rehabilitating dogs that needed a second chance. Although she thrived on taking dogs in, Boehler soon found her pockets empty.

“We were broke. I went through my $15,000 savings and people would still call us,” said Boehler, which was why she later established Streets to Sheets as a non-profit.

Because of Boehler’s adoption guarantee of a "family-proof dog," the offers to rescue continued to stretch further across the map, well into Arizona and California. From rescuing to training and rehoming, the process of adoption is what separates this non-profit from the shelters.

“The difference is, when they're in a shelter, they aren’t prepared to go into a home. […] They live in a kennel, they sleep in a bed, they don’t get to be in a family, and they don’t get housetrained.” Boehler said. “We spade, neuter, microchip, fully vaccinate […] and make sure they're on monthly flea and tick and heartworm preventatives and are temperament tested. I mean, they're around kids, they're around other dogs, and they’re a part of the family. So when they get adopted, they are already acclimated to being apart of a family. When they come from a shelter, you know, that’s why people end up returning them because they don’t know how to act in a home. ”

Currently, Streets to Sheets is at full capacity, fostering more than 49 dogs that are being prepped for permanent adoption.

“We do [adoption] applications, home checks, and vet checks. And then we do a home trial to make sure they’re a good fit and that the dog is happy before we complete the adoption.” Boehler explained.

In the event of a successful adoption, Boehler expressed that the best part of the entire journey is "love."

“The love that you get from the dogs and the gratitude — they’re so thankful. When you go out to get one, they’ll run, growl and snarl, and you're thinking in your mind ‘oh my gosh, this could go bad.’ But as soon as you capture them, they're just like butter —they just melt. […] They just love you.”

For more information on Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue, visit their Facebook page facebook.com/streetstosheets or visit streetstosheets.wix.com/rescue.


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