While the Christmas season is the season of peace on earth, goodwill toward men, and a celebration of lights, music, choirs, carolers, gift exchanges, parties, socials, and most of all, the birth of our blessed Savior in Bethlehem, it all doesn’t come easy to those who are faced with the reality of spending the season without a precious loved one — who are faced with overwhelming hardship, whether financial, physical health, or other hardships.

Although we would love to wave a magic wand and make the season all the better for everyone, such is impossible. But we can do our part to help someone along the way.

We never know when just a simple gesture would mean so much to someone experiencing holiday sadness — such gestures as filling a tin with homemade Christmas goodies, sticking a bow on top and leaving it on someone’s front porch — paying the tab for the car behind you in the McDonald’s line —contributing a new toy to a toy drive to help an underprivileged child — or just simply “being there” for a friend who is having a difficult time at Christmas.

For those who are suffering sadness this Christmas, remember that being with friends — being involved in Christmas activities of the church, giving of yourself — giving anonymously to someone — or even volunteering in a soup kitchen may just give you a realization of how good life continues to be, even though you are in great heaviness. Start a new tradition. Travel to a place where you can have the white Christmas you’ve always dreamed of.

Most of all, share your broken heart, and your sadness with Jesus. Lay all of it on His shoulders. Do it because He is your Wonderful Counsellor (Isaiah 9:6) which means, when He counsels with you, it’s purely from the Father’s perspective. When you seek counsel from a secular counselor, the best they can do is put a band-aid on your wounds and give you empty, worldly counsel that brings such a substance; — but Jesus has the perfect antidote. Also, do it because no one understands your broken heart better than Jesus. He has suffered the ultimate broken heart.

For those of you who are ecstatic with joy and gladness this year — do not fail to pause and remember those who are suffering loneliness, sadness and loss.

From our house to yours, we wish you great joy during this Christmas season — and may you remember the One, Whom it is all about.

— Paul Gauntt currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Palmer.