FERRIS — A request by Ferris Police Chief Eddie Salazar to approve a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ferris Police Department and the Ferris Independent School District was unanimously approved during Monday's regular session of the Ferris City Council.

“The Ferris Police Department currently works with the school and the Ferris ISD Police Department conducting inter-jurisdictional functions. The Ferris Police Department would like to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding so that both parties may continue to work together,” Salazar explained.

Salazar told the council his department already assists the district’s office with detaining arrestees, conducting criminal investigations — as they do not have experienced investigators — and filing criminal cases with the county.

"With the agreement, we will be storing their evidence whereas they have been storing their own. There is no need for two secure evidence storages in the city,” Salazar said. “[...] The MOU outlines the responsibilities of each agency including but not limited to financial costs."

The first in a series of public hearings was also held in regards to the Ferris' participation in the Texas Community Development "Block Grant" program.

Cloy Richards, a representative of Grant Works, Incorporated, gave a presentation on the program, explaining to the council that the program is funded by the House of Urban Development and passed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. The grant it to be used to address community and economic needs, Richards noted.

Richards explained to the council that for the city to be a beneficiary of grant funds, it must primarily benefit households earning at or below eighty percent of the medium family income, aid I disaster recovery, or eliminate slum or blighted conditions.

The city received funds in 2011 totaling $275,000, which were used to reconstruct Old Ferris Road. There were no other speakers for or against the program during the public hearing.

A closed executive session was held to discuss the purchase or sale of real property. However, Ferris Mayor Michael Driggars announced there was no action to be taken after the council reconvened into the regular session and, shortly after, adjourned.