WAXAHACHIE — Students across WISD will be ‘voting’ for their favorite Presidential candidate in a collaborative project hosted by the district and the WoodmenLife Insurance Company of Waxahachie. In March, students from eight WISD schools ‘voted’ for their candidate with can and packaged food items which concluded with over 5,000 items donated for their first-ever food drive.

WoodmenLife representative Stu Stephenson implemented the idea of the food drive voting after hearing it at the WoodmenLife national conference in February. Stephenson and fellow representative, Mike Miller, have worked with the schools to carry out this project once again.

“One of the main things WoodmenLife members across the country focus on is feeding the hungry. Once we collect everything we donate it to Waxahachie CARE as well as the Brown Street Church of Christ food bank,” Miller said.

Donations will be accepted Wednesday, Nov. 3—Friday, Nov. 5 and Tuesday, Nov. 8. Counselor for Clift Elementary Anita Barnes has worked with the representatives of WoodmenLife to make this project possible.

“The students will put their food items into a decorated box for their candidate of choice,” Barnes explained. “The Woodmen have asked schools to keep their boxes in central locations, so they’re easily accessible to the students.”

Students will have the chance to go to ‘early voting’ the first three days of the event or they can ‘vote’ on Election Day.

“Other schools have picked particular items to bring, but not Clift. Since it is close to Thanksgiving, Waxahachie CARE will be giving away Thanksgiving baskets. Therefore, they are asking for Thanksgiving foods,” Barnes explained. “One school will do green beans. One will do stuffing and so on. This will give them the things that they need to make the Thanksgiving baskets.”

Barnes and Miller urge all students to participate in a good cause and a lesson on voting.

“Four years from now, we’ll probably do it again. It’s a great way to collect large amounts of food and we have all of the schools in the district involved now,” Miller said.


Kelsey Poynor, @KPoynor_WDL

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