My goodness, the time is flying by. Less than three more weeks until Halloween. I can hardly wait, though, I don’t have a costume yet.

I have decided upon the most important fact, of course. I know what my miniature schnauzer will be wearing on Halloween. She will be a living beanie baby. All I need to do is cut out a heart to look like the little tag that they came with and she will be all set. And I probably will take her to the groomer before Halloween so she is picture perfect.

I really hadn’t planned on dressing up this year personally. But then they announced a costume contest at work. We have had some awesome Halloween contests here at the Herald Democrat in the 20 years or so that I have worked here. I generally come as a witch or a fairy godmother or something like that. This year, I would really like to do something different, but I haven’t come up with anything yet.

Pinterest, of course, was consulted, and probably will be again. I saw a costume for a piece of writing paper that seemed both appropriate and comfortable. I also liked the one I saw of a blind mouse. My niece was a mouse in a school play last year so I am pretty good at making tails, ears and all that goes with a mouse costume.

The really tricky part about dressing up for Halloween in the newsroom is that we have to be able to look real world appropriate in a flash. While it is fun to allow our customers to come into the office and see our holiday spirit, it isn’t always appropriate to take that personality out to assignments. I can’t imagine any of the local judges would want me to come to court dressed as a mouse and I am sure a mouse at a fire or wreck scene would be distracting to everyone.

Now that I have thought about it, maybe I will go as Supergirl and just put a decorated t-shirt under my work clothes. Ready in a flash if indeed. I find comfort in the fact that the world’s first superhero was a journalist.

Happy birthday Friday to Lisa Dunlop, Becky Cole, and Arieon Johnson, all of Denison; Ted Hurley, Jeanne Sisemore, Larry Cole, Casondra Taylor, and Bobby Wilson, all of Sherman; Denise Pugh of Savoy; Mayna Burden of Pottsboro; Charles Everett of Dorchester; Patsy Howard of Bonham; Jennifer Hughes of Gordonville; John Sample of Herndon, Virginia; and Irvin Bashaw of Ouray, Colorado.

Happy birthday Saturday to Jean Simpson, LaKeisha Taylor, Judy Chessir and Carol Jones, all of Sherman; Wayne Stuntz of Denison; Victoria Barker of Georgetown; Joyce Hobby of Wylie; and Justin Chance of Krum.