One man and a juvenile male relative of his have been arrested and charged with Saturday’s aggravated robbery of the Travel Plaza Exxon convenience store in Glen Rose, Somervell County Sheriff Greg Doyle said Tuesday in a news release.

Andres Augustine Trevino, 31, of Fort Worth, will face the first-degree felony count after robbing the store at gunpoint, according to Doyle.

The boy, also of Fort Worth, is being detained at the Tarrant County Juvenile Detention Center. His name has not been released because he is not old enough to be processed as an adult.

They were arrested early Sunday morning. The Travel Plaza is on County Road 333, at the intersection with Highways 67 and 144.

Doyle’s news release stated that the Sheriff’s Department received a call at 11:41 p.m. Saturday from the clerk at the Travel Plaza, stating that she had just been “robbed at gunpoint by two suspects wearing black hoodies.”

The clerk said that her mind went blank when the man pulled the gun on her, and that he did threaten to shoot her if she tried to send an alarm. She said she was most concerned with not doing anything that might lead to the gunman pulling the trigger.

"I kind of went blank," said the woman, who asked not to be identified by name. "I have worked at convenience stores for many years, and that's never happened. I just kept thinking (that I should) keep my hands where he could see them. He did say he would shoot me if I hit the alarms."

Doyle noted that the suspects took an undetermined amount of cash, cigarettes and other merchandise before fleeing.

“We’re glad nobody was hurt in this robbery, and they’re off the street so they can’t commit any other crimes,” Doyle said.

The suspects reportedly were apprehended at a motel in Fort Worth.

The sheriff explained that “we were very fortunate to get some information that led us to the suspects.”

Doyle said his investigators notified the Fort Worth Police, who made the arrests because it was in their city.

“We notified them that we suspected he (Trevino) had a warrant for a parole violation (known as a blue warrant). A search of the vehicle revealed items that were taken from the robbery.”

One early report indicated others might have been taken into custody at the motel. Doyle said that the investigation is ongoing, and added, “There could be a possible third suspect,” but the sheriff would not elaborate.

A video image of a man wearing a hoodie and brandishing a handgun was captured on the store’s security camera, a source told the Glen Rose Reporter.

Hany Farag, manager of the Travel Mart, said he was not there when the robbery occurred, but noted that the female clerk was not physically harmed. He said that it was not immediately known how much cash was taken from the two cash registers.

“He told her to open the cash registers,” Farag said of the man holding the gun in the video. “He asked her for the deposit money, but she told him ‘I don’t have access to it.’ We’re just happy that she’s OK.”