Hundreds of folks littered the streets of downtown Stephenville for the second annual Sundown on the Square event.

The event, followed by a very successful By Gone Days on the Bosque celebration earlier in the day, featured everything from live music, food trucks, rodeo and children’s activities, art and much more.

Music was provided by Michael Martin Murphey and CB Sutton and The Outcast Band and was nothing short of great. Adults enjoyed wine tasting and as for the kids, they were treated to the Rodeo Zone Mini Ranch.

Rodeo Zone is a hands-on rodeo experience with remote controlled mechanical ponies the kids could ride, a bounce house, face painting, slo-mo bucking bulls and more.

Kaicey Westbrook, a Tarleton elementary education student, and Madison Crenshaw, a nursing student, were taking in the festivities and said they were having a ball.

“This is just so much fun,” Westbrook said, with Crenshaw adding, “I didn’t think it would be this great but it really is. We’re just having a great time and Tarleton is such a wonderful school. We’re both having so much fun here in Stephenville.”

As the sun began to set Texas Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, Stephenville Mayor Kenny Weldon and Chamber of Commerce President and CEO July Danley addressed the crowd to honor the many world-class rodeo athletes in our area.

“I want to welcome you all here tonight as we celebrate our Cowboy and Western Heritage past and present,” Danley said. “We are blessed to have some true cowboys serving at the state level as well as in our local community. We are excited to have our Cowboy Capital of the World Pro Rodeo Committee here who have worked very hard to continue to keep Stephenville on the map. We are looking forward to going to Las Vegat to the NFR this year to take home that Best Medium Sized Rodeo of the Year Award.”

Mayor Weldon then addressed the crowd and said, “Back in the day, cattle used to come right through this courtyard. And rodeo is a descendant of that.

“Here in the Cowboy Capital of the World, we have one of the top five, mid-sized rodeos in the nation. Western heritage is alive and well in Stephenville, Texas.” he said.

Weldon continued, “But tonight is not so much about celebrating Stephenville and its Western heritage; it’s about celebrating some heroes that are our friends and neighbors.

“Jesus gave us two commands: Love the Lord and love your neighbor. So I look you cowboys and cowgirls in the eye tonight and tell you, we not only love the sport of rodeo – we love you,” Weldon said.

“We love you as individuals, we love your families, and we want to celebrate that with you tonight.”

Texas Ag Commission and local business owner, Sid Miller added, “It’s sure nice to be home in Stephenville – actually, it’s just nice to be out of Austin period. But it’s especially good to be back in my hometown. My campaign chairman says, “Texas is the last best place. You think about that; it has a pretty deep meaning. God bless you. Thank you all for what you do for our community, our state and our nation. Keep Texas, Texas.”

It should be noted that Metta Collier and Marion Cole − along with hardworking committee members and volunteers − were pivotal in organizing this wonderful Sundown on the Square celebration, so cowboy hats off to them!