The E-T was greeted by the bright smile of Stephenville High School color guard lieutenant Erin Ozment who has a passion for helping others, something she plans to carry on in her chosen career.

As a senior Ozment is hopeful for a successful year on the color guard team.

“Our really big goal is to make it to state,” she said. “In the past we’ve made it to area finals but we’ve never gone as far as state, so we’re working really hard to getting to that next level.”

Ozment’s passion for helping others comes into play as the lieutenant and she has enjoyed the new position she was selected for.

“I have the most flexible job so I’m generally helping wherever I am needed,” she said. “I like being a person that everybody looks up to even though I’m not perfect all the time. It pushes me to be better so I can be a better example for everybody else.”

Ozment’s hard work paid off when she was selected as the color guard lieutenant and she is hoping it does again as she waits to hear back from Stanford University.

“Hopefully I can get in and I plan to study pre-med to become an OBGYN,” she said. “I love to help people and I love kids and there’s just something very pretty about all of that. I’ve kind of always wanted to be a doctor.”

Though Ozment hasn’t lived in Stephenville her whole life, she is still going to miss the community she has come to call home.

“It’s very tight-knit and you know everybody because it’s a small town and everybody is really supportive of what the school does, so I think that might be what I miss the most,” she said.