WAXAHACHIE — Bravery and courage shown by brothers Jayton and Jayce Glenn to save the life of a neighbor, Jerry Rogers, were honored by the Waxahachie Fire Department and the Waxahachie City Council during Monday's regular session.

Fire Chief Ricky Boyd presented each brother with a certificate of recognition.

“[On] Aug. 1, Mr. Rogers fell into Spring Creek. These two young men Jayce and Jayton Glenn were out with their dog and their dog was barking so they when to investigate. They found Mr. Rogers in the bottom of the creek. They quickly thought to get their mother and tell her to call 9-1-1," Boyd said. "Mr. Rogers' wife just had surgery and was in the house was not able to go see him and such. I think that it is important to recognize these two young men for their brave action to help another out. I am proud of these two young men. It is good to have two young men like this in the city of Waxahachie.”

According to an Aug. 3 Daily Light article, firefighters were dispatched at 11:32 a.m. to the 200 block of Oak Creek Drive after children heard the man hollering for help and promptly called 9-1-1.

“We got a call of a man that had fallen into the creek, and when we got there, he was laying face up. The creek was mostly dry, so there were not any issues with the water, but we did have to load him into what we call a Stokes basket (litter)," Rodgers said at the time. “We put him on the backboard and put him in the Stokes and hauled him up the opposite side of the creek, which was not as steep. The part where he fell was more vertical.”

Rodgers said that at the time of the fall the man was in his backyard, which the creek backs up to it. On the opposite side, the homeowner had a staircase, and it was more of a gradual slope, and firefighters could walk up. The ambulance was backed up through the backyard, and the patient was then transported to Baylor Scott and White at Waxahachie with serious, but non-life treating, injuries.

Jayton said he was shocked when they saw their neighbor.

“We were outside, and our dog was barking like he usually does. [Mr. Rogers] heard the dog barking and started calling for help. We heard him, and we didn’t know what it was. We thought it was somebody calling or an animal or a child,” Jayton said. “My brother told me to go down and look and see what it was. I saw that it was Mr. Jerry laying on the ground. So I ran up to the house and told my brother to tell my mom to call 9-1-1.”

Jayce shared his brother’s feelings and knew they had to act. He said they were always taught to help when somebody needed it.

Jayton and Jayce's father, Jeremy Glenn said he was very proud of the actions taken by his sons.

“We are very proud of them. Both boys faced an emergency situation they stayed calm and did what they were taught to do by my wife and I and what they were taught in school,” Jeremy said. “Certainly more than anything we are glad that Mr. Rogers is alright and we are grateful that the boys were out there that day and stayed calm and took quick action. It is inspiring to see him up walking again tonight.”

Jayton and Jayce mother, Karisa Glenn, echoed the thoughts shared by many others.

“As a mother, I could not be more proud. I am glad we were home that day and that the situation ended like it did,” Karisa said.

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