It is nearly impossible not to feel insanely at ease upon walking in the door of T-Beresford just a few paces from the Historic Waxahachie Courthouse. A sense of comfortability is ready to catch the eye at 207 South College Street.

Genny Sills opened her doors three years ago on September 13, 2013. In that time her little shop on the square has changed and morphed into what patrons will find presently.

“The year we opened the back wall fell off the building, so there was that to deal with,” Sills said. “But when you’re a hundred years old like this building, your allowed to have some growing pains.”

Strolling through the shop, guests will find the variety of wares that are for sale on the shelves astounding. To further add to the experience, all of the memorabilia is carefully watched over by a huge Irish wolfhound named Willow, who may come and expect her head to be petted for a moment before she returns to her nap.

Inside T-Beresford's, everything seems to fit as though that is exactly where it was always meant to be.

“More than anything I wanted the shop to take on a personality of its own,” Sills said.

The one constant is that everything on display is American made. In fact, local artists account for most of the artwork. That is the one unshakable rule.

“It’s always been important to me that everything here was American made,” Sills said from behind her counter. “It’s just one of the things that the shop is all about. I try to have something for everyone, and that makes for a rather eclectic collection. The wives always have things to spark their interest, but I always see the husbands drawn towards something as well. So everyone’s happy."

It's hard to say what the little shop will be a year or two from now. It has a personality of its own — and a personality that is ever evolving. But rest assured it will be there and it will always be American-made.