As promised, we aren’t taking our collective eyes off of the search for the killer of Missy Bevers. October the 18th marks six painful months since Missy was murdered during the early morning hours inside Creekside Church in Midlothian. For some, that six months seems like a blur and for others, a lifetime. In either case, the need for the killer to be caught and brought to justice is as urgent as ever.

Given my deep appreciation for law enforcement, in this case the Midlothian Police Department, it would be hypocritical of me to harp about why or how the killer remains on the loose. Until I’ve donned a badge and experienced life-threatening risks every day, I don’t have any right to complain about the efforts being made to capture a killer. That said, everyone I know is desperate to have the perp caught and sent to where he or she belongs. The idea that such a brazen murder can happen right in our own backyard and then remain unsolved is surreal even now.

We simply cannot forget Missy … or her daughters or her family or her friends. We just can’t. As for me, rarely does a day go by when, like many of you, I don’t stop to think about Missy, about that terrible day and about who did it. As for harping, if there’s any of that going on, it’s the constant amount I give our newsroom on whether any new news has come forth. It drives me crazy that things remain quiet, but then again no good police force is going to make much noise unless, in fact, it has something substantive to share. Maybe it’s the quiet before the storm … as they say.

So, like before, I have some words to share with the killer. Of course, we have no idea if the killer is reading this or if he or she has wandered from Ellis County. Something tells me that’s unlikely, but then again, I’m far more comparable to a modern day Barney Fife than any legitimate, respectable police detective. Finding a brazen killer can’t be easy in any case much less one where some serious thought was given as to how to kill someone and then ostensibly how to get away with it.

So to you, Mr. or Ms. Killer, you won’t get away with it. Whether tomorrow or a year from now, you will face the Bevers family, along with a mighty throng of friends and loved ones, to answer for what you’ve done. You do remember your steps of April 18, yes? My guess is you lay awake often thinking about those awful decisions. You probably don’t do much now without thinking about them. Of course, it’s far too late to escape the constant wonder of when detectives will come knocking. You just have to live with it and that can’t be much fun.

I’m betting you did what you did out of passion which means you likely failed to think about the daily grind of being on the run and that life is one big cat and mouse game for you now. The race to stay one step ahead must be an exhausting one. I bet it shows on your face, too.

I’m also guessing you want to tell someone about what you did. Most folks like you do, either to brag about your crime or to find some form of psychological relief. I wonder how that’s working out for you. I mean, six months is a long time to perpetually be looking behind you while carrying a heavy burden of guilt and regret.

Of course, while on the run, you deserve every ounce of anguish you experience – anguish that will likely never go away.

I continue to hope that maybe there will come a day soon when you might just do the right thing and surrender. Doing so could be your first step to some form of redemption, redemption you need. Just think about it if for no other reason than for the peace it would bring Missy’s daughters. Who knows, you may even find some peace, as well.

As for the rest of us, may we not forget Missy Bevers.