WAXAHACHIE — Jon Kitna came to Waxahachie with a vision of helping to create young men of character and integrity. For this to happen he needed the support of the community. Here the community and parents support the program and coaches. Here the district provides equipment and everything else needed for a successful program. And here he will spend twenty five years developing young men of character and integrity who will be assets to their community.

As the basis of Coach Kitna’s program he developed the R.E.A.L. philosophy. The parts of it are:

— Reject passivity. This means that people should be aware of what is happening around them and react appropriately. If a young man does not understand he asks questions. If he sees someone needing help he helps.

— Empathize with others. Instead of arguing and fighting try to understand the other person’s viewpoint. Perhaps common ground can be reached.

— Accept responsibility. This is obvious. If you have done something or not done something accept the consequences. A teacher does not give you a poor grade; you earn it by not doing the work required.

— Lead courageously. Leadership takes strength. If something needs doing and nobody is getting involved urge them on.

To view a Indian training video visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zJZyOtzLkE

Of last year’s graduating seniors from the football team nine are going to college and one is training to be a Navy Seal. The grade point average has improved and the team has formed a brotherhood. They do community service and support their community and school in many ways.

Coach Kitna’s wife, assistant coaches and their wives and families all moved here from Washington state because they believed in the vision of what could be done here. None of them had even visited here but they accepted the challenge and it is working for them.

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