"Don't take for granted the love this life gives you when you get where you're going don't forget to turn back around, and help the next one in line, always stay humble and kind." - Tim McGraw

Our own Scott Dorsett lies in an ICU hospital bed fighting for his life. It is one of the more surreal, terrifying, emotional things we've ever experienced. And, by the vast outpouring of care since word of Scott's accident Wednesday night it's pretty clear most if not all of you are feeling the same. I know Johnna, Logan and Kennedy, along with Scott's extended family, are ... and it's heart-wrenching.

There is only one Scott Dorsett in this world - only one. Not only as naturally talented a photojournalist as there is, but Scott is also one of the most humble and genuinely kind people I've ever known. The servant's heart you've seen in Scott all these is the same heart we see every day. I could write a novel describing all the ways Scott makes a difference ... just at the Daily Light. Imagine the volumes it would take to list all the ways Scott has made life better for everyone he's touched. We'd need a new library, to say the least.

So many of you have known Scott for much longer than I've had the honor. As such, I want to express my care for you. I know you're hurting and, although just words on this page, I am genuinely sorry. If I could lighten the burden in your heart, I would.

And so would Scott.

I've learned a lot about the goodness of this community through Scott. I've learned about the children of old Scott captured in photos decades ago and I've listened as Scott passionately shared his pride of capturing the children of those children of old in photos these days. The awe Scott has for the opportunity to tell life stories with his camera over the course of two generations is more real than you know. Scott has expressed to me dozens of times how blessed he feels he is to do what he does.

What he doesn't know is that we are the blessed ones.

Scott was on a run Wednesday night when the figurative intersection of two people's lives met the literal intersection of man and truck - an accident - that has Scott fighting for his life. It's a tragedy none of us thought possible, yet here we are. It's an up close and personal example of life's fragility - one that should compel all of us to check our priorities. It should also remind us to tell those we love just how much we do. Speaking of love, there's no doubt in my mind that God knows how much we love Scott and how fervently we believe He can heal Scott, too. The recent torrent of your prayers has had to make our collective desire clear to God.

Like you, we want Scott back. We want to see those pasty white bowlegs come marching through the front doors and we want to hear the jingle of that familiar photographer's backpack bouncing through the office again. We want to know Scott is capturing the essence of Waxahachie's glory by being what seems like everywhere all at the same time. Like many of you, I want the chance to tell Scott a dumb joke or some story or hear about his day, and I want to listen to Scott's insight about things that matter. I want to see Scott scrunch his nose as he thinks about his words before he says them and I want to listen to another idea he has about how to tell you a story through his photos.

The measures of our contributions in this life are often determined by the size of our desire to serve. That makes Scott's contributions immeasurable. And should we ever wonder about what real success looks like, we need not look any further than one Mr. Dorsett. Scott's life, and the way he lives it is extraordinary simply because of his understanding that true greatness is found in putting others first.

Scott has touched your lives and ours and for that, we should be forever grateful. Some day soon we will gather as one to tell Scott how much he means to us, how thankful we are for him and to make certain he knows how deeply we love him. Until then, please continue praying for God's healing hands and merciful heart to touch Scott's body and soul and then to give him back to us as in days gone by.

If, after all, there ever was a place that needs someone, Waxahachie needs Scott Dorsett.