Mark 4:37

"A violent windstorm came up, and the waves began breaking into the boat so that the boat was rapidly becoming swamped."

This week I was sent a song from our Worship Leader, Robyn, entitled, "Eye of the Storm," I loved the message and was immediately reminded of Jesus, in the boat asleep, calm, relaxed, in the "eye of the storm."

Matthew, Mark and Luke all share an account of this event as our Lord got in a boat, picked up a pillow and found the most comfortable place at the back of the ship to lie down and immediately fell asleep. What a beautiful picture of the truly human Jesus, weary and exhausted; worn out from a hard day in the ministry.

He's now entrusted the men He has chosen to get Him to the other side. They don't know what's coming, but Jesus does, (so often I find that the Lord has more faith in us than we do of ourselves.)

The calm before the storm; a beautiful picture of Christ, utterly exhausted and asleep in a comfortable place surrounded by friends.

Then the storm hit, not just any storm but Luke describes it as descending on the lake, racing down the slopes of the mountains. In Matthew 8:24 it's described as “a great tempest” or a “seismos megas,” a seismic event of mega proportions and yet he says “That in spite of the storm, Jesus remains asleep."

Jesus is a man; He understands exhaustion, weariness, He's so tired that He stays asleep with water smashing over the sides of the boat but He's also God, and this was a God-ordained storm.

These winds were specially chosen to put our Lord in a position to demonstrate that He's the one who controls His creation. This was a lesson in faith for all that came with Him.

The boat was covered with the waves, breaking so fast that they couldn't keep up. They weren't calm; they were frightened, worried; they were busy bailing water as fast as they could. Their first choice was to rely on their abilities to battle the storm until finally, they turned to Jesus for help. They discovered quickly that there was never a reason for worry or fear when Jesus is with you. Our lives are very much the same; when the challenges and problems of life rise, we do everything we can to handle them ourselves. The Lord needs to teach us, His followers that He can be trusted in the most threatening circumstances that we will ever encounter.

How long will it take us before we turn to Jesus?

— Pete Miller is a senior pastor at The Church at Buffalo Creek and has been writing devotionals since 2012. The church does things a little differently by serving breakfast and lunch almost every Sunday. Teachings begin at 10 a.m. and Worship at 11 a.m. The church also "Breaks down the Bible" every Wednesday at 7 p.m.