To the Editor,

Liberty: The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on ones way of life, behavior, or political views.

Now where’s the official state of Texas designated men’s room? (This bra is killing me.)

I read the concession speech of a defeated candidate where he said he would continue to fight for liberty. Now, there’s a novel idea. Seems to be the hip political term for the losers of elections now. And I would dare say also among the top 10 misused terms in the most recent political races. So, I can understand why someone wishing to seem American and patriotic and remain electable would say that and claim the franchise rights to the term. Anyone who would support them, win or lose, would be for liberty, anyone opposed, especially if they supported the winner of the race, would be for the dreaded tyranny, (boo, hiss) another term on the list. So one would have to think that the liberty claiming candidate was taking liberties with the definition of liberty without allowing the other candidates, or any other good citizen for that matter, to have the liberty of defining liberty for themselves, If I may take the liberty to make that observation.

It seems that all candidates that claim to be for liberty often use the term in their campaign slogans, “Well, you support liberty, don’t you?” Like asking if you eat. Cheap emotional patriotic campaign tactic. The funny thing is that if you delve into the PACs or political movements these liberty candidates are affiliated with or they represent, you often find a list of words they suggest the candidates use. And yes, liberty is among those. So, in order to spread liberty, the PACs decide for the candidates which words the candidates will have the liberty to use. That is if the candidates wish to get campaign money and the endorsement from that freedom loving PAC. They even ask the perspective candidates to sign a pledge saying they agree to support liberty. (What?) Now the candidates can use their liberty to get the backing of the liberty PACs or they can use the liberty to think for themselves and choose their own words and follow the will of the voters that they will represent in whatever office they are seeking. Another novel idea. There is even a university that calls itself Liberty that demands you adhere to a strict set of rules to graduate from it and move on to protect liberty. Of course, they have the liberty to impose those rules. So as we see, liberty has become a buzzword, a convenient term used by those who are trying to push the concept without the action. Talking while not walking.

Now the point of using my liberty in writing this as guaranteed by the first amendment, that stalwart of individual liberty, is simply to persuade everyone for liberty to my point of view politically. And by using that liberty, anyone that opposes my point of view must be against liberty or a supporter of the enemy of liberty for all free thinking Americans, the tyrannical Establishment.( boo,hiss) Or one can dismiss this opinion as political idiocy. Or as political satire. You have the liberty to do so. Just as you have the liberty to dismiss any who claims to be for liberty. When I hear someone making that claim, the” oh really” alarm goes off. For to have liberty is to define it for yourself. No matter what anyone claims it is or claims to represent it. Because we all do. It is not to be taken lightly or cheapened for politically selfish reasons, no matter how politically advantageous it may seem. And, of course, I wish not to persuade anyone to agree with my point of view. It’s within your liberty to do so. Or not. Think for yourself.

This Memorial Day, I think it is very important to remember just what real liberty costs. I am so very grateful that we have the liberty that unfortunately others had to pay for. It is our sacred honor to always protect it.

For if anyone owns liberty, they do.

That is my opinion.

Alan Fox,