To the Editor,

Most of the people I know who plan to vote for Hillary Clinton are less influenced by her as some kind of great candidate or dynamic leader than their instinctive dislike for all Republicans, and, especially, for pseudo-Republican Trump. In a similar way, most who will cast a vote for Trump are not persuaded that he was the best the Republicans could offer, but simply choose him because he’s not a Democrat and he’s especially not Mrs. Clinton.

Some of us are inclined to vote for what we can get, rather objectively in political terms, from candidate, rather than just stop the person who we think stinks the most. In other words, we want a bold champion of the ideas and principles imbedded into the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This seems to explain why the Libertarian Party candidate is already in double digits this year, in spite of being largely ignored by most of the media, and without much the big money the republocrats have to advertise themselves! I hope the Libertarian Party really do well this year, get themselves on the political map, and make a permanent dent in the bi-nopoly of the two major parties forever and ever, Amen! (I had wished that prolife libertarian Austin Peterson would have beaten hyper-secular libertarian Gary Johnson in the Libertarian Primary. Still, the Libertarian Party is far more likely to talk about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than Trump or Billary ever will… and that’s a good thing!)

It could be the most exciting political year in American history if Socialist Senator Sanders can be persuaded by his exuberant following to run as an Independent! I say “the more the merrier” this year! Among other benefits, every vote for president that doesn’t go to Clinton or Trump reduces the damage that either can do to America. Bill Clinton was hindered in doing as much damage to America as Obama because Perot prevented him from winning a clear majority in 1992, whereas Obama had no other campaigner reducing the clout of his 2008 victory, thus empowering him to be essentially a high-tech dictator in our times. It will be a real travesty of justice if Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party is not included in a debate with Trump and Clinton. If Johnson and Sanders were BOTH in the debate, we’d actually have an argument about the proper role of government that would be fit for the framers!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,