Local Eagle Scout helps create organization for safe fun and adventure

Hachie Crew 32, a youth-led venture crew made up of both males and females between the ages of 14 through 21, are holding a day at the lake fun event.

The event will be held from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday at Lake Waxahachie.

‘Our goal is to get our name out on the community. We want to get the word out to the community so they will know we are here, what we are about and see what we can do for the city and community,” Crew President Philip Vroman said. “We are also putting this together to hopefully reach out to area youth who are looking for a group of youth their age to have fun, while helping the community, growing their own personal skills and leadership skills.”

The event will be the new group’s first annual barbeque at Lake Waxahachie. The crew will be swimming, fishing, as well as playing Frisbee, football and volleyball. Hamburgers will be served at this event. This event is open to the public.

“While people associate scout groups with adult leader-led activities, and while we are a part of the Boy Scouts of America, venturing is different,” Vroman, a Waxahachie High School sophomore, said. “We are a youth led organization where the members plan the meetings and activities. We do have adults active in our group. However, they are advisors or mentors. They just guide us to make sure our programs and activities are safe.”

Vroman went on to describe many of the activities the crew is involved in, which include community and city service projects, adventure hiking and camping, over- the-weekend primitive camping, canoeing, repelling, white water rafting and firearms training and shooting.

‘We also have social activities that include going to movies and for indoor social activities,” Vroman added.

Several of the crewmembers are Eagle Scouts.

“While it is not a requirement to previously be in scouting, we have several Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that join us for a higher level of activities and do things the traditional scouting programs offer,” Vroman said.

Besides holding this event to hopefully attract new members, the crew also wants to show the city what it can do and that it’s ready to help out anytime and anywhere the city needs a helping hand.

“We are hoping that we will fill the park and have a lot of fun on Saturday,” Vroman said.

The new Waxahachie venture crew meets twice a month at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

“The first meeting is typically a planning meeting for the activities of the month and the second is the actual activity. We try to have a major activity once a month,” Vroman.

For more information about the new Waxahachie crew, contact Vroman at Philip.vroman@att.net. or the crew’s advisor Karl Easley at karlokarloe@yahoo.com.