Sometimes you catch a little flack for living in a small town. There aren’t as many activities, places to go, places to eat. There aren’t as many attractions; sometimes the economy is a little slower, or the employment rates are a little lower.

But having grown up in a small town, lived in several large cities around the country, and coming home to my small town; there is truly something to be said about the big hearts that reside in a smaller town. So yes, our town is a little larger than a single stoplight community, but it is certainly no metropolitan area.

Through the ingenuity of social media, friends and family we are able to help one another out when we all need it the most. Small towns allow for tighter knit social groups and friends; therefore, we all know when someone we love is suffering, needs help or just needs a shoulder to cry on.

There are two examples that ring out the loudest in my mind. One was just an amazing display of support, love, caring and kindness. There is a young man that has been suffering and struggling through cancer and chemotherapy for the past three years. And recently he took his last chemo pill, and was able to walk back into his school with pride, a smile and the joy of knowing that his horrific battle was over.

But this brave young man didn’t just walk back into school, he was greeted by a sea of orange (the particular color used to represent his certain type of cancer) accented by numerous signs, banners and the entire junior high student body was there to hug him, yell for him and dedicate that particular day to be his recognized day from that moment forward.

I can’t imagine being so young and having to deal with such an adult issue as the debilitating disease of cancer. But this young man has taken it in stride and made everyone so happy and proud. But where else do you find that kind of love and support, other than in a smaller tighter knit community?

Another situation that has arisen in our community as of late, was the unfortunate accident involving two young teenage boys on the evening of prom. Luckily one was able to walk away with some minor bruising and soreness; but unfortunately the other young man was taken to the hospital and cared for by the wonderful nurses and doctors.

While this young man was in the hospital trying to recover, his community pulled together and created a social media funding account, in addition to selling T-shirts in his honor to help his family curve their time away from work and some of his medical expenses.

So I ask you, where else can you find such amazing support and dedication to two young men that obviously needed the love and support of not only their close friends and family, but their entire community? Sometimes big things happen in little places.


Samantha Stroube-Daviss is a local columnist based in Corsicana. She may be reached by e-mail at Following Samantha’s blog at and on Twitter at @SamanthaDaviss1.