Police issue update in Bevers murder case

MIDLOTHIAN — More details have been released about how a Midlothian woman was killed as the search continues for her killer.

Terri “Missy” Bevers was found dead on April 18 in the Creekside Church of Christ while she was preparing to lead a 5 a.m. exercise class. The Midlothian Police Department is investigating the crime and has asked the public for help identifying a person seen in surveillance video walking around inside the church before Bevers arrived.

A search warrant for Bevers cell phone and iPad was released Tuesday evening and included more details about the injuries Bevers sustained and what weapon was used.

“Investigators reviewed the video of the incident which shows a subject wearing a black helmet, black balaclava, dark pants, dark long sleeve shirt, black gloves and a black vest with ‘Police’ in white lettering on the front and back. The subject is seen walking throughout the building holding a hammer, breaking windows and going through offices,” the warrant affidavit stated.

“Terri Bevers had multiple puncture wounds found on her head and chest,” the affidavit revealed, adding the injuries were consistent with the tools the suspect was carrying through the building.

The video does not show the attack or the suspect after the attack, the release stated.

Bevers was the mother of three school-aged daughters and was a well-known fitness instructor with Camp Gladiator.

The cell phone and iPad were secured at the police department while the warrant was obtained, according to the affidavit. Investigators believe the devices will allow them to retrieve GPS or locating data, phone calls, electronic messages, note book entries, bank records, computer disks, data storage, other electronically stored data, contact numbers, text messages, emails, photos and audio/video recordings that cellular telephone companies keep for up to six months, the affidavit stated. They hope this will include information about Bevers and other unknown people.

“The Midlothian Police Department continues to thoroughly investigate the murder of Terri “Missy” Bevers. As with any investigation of this magnitude, search warrants are one component of the investigation,” the Midlothian Police Department stated in a press release Thursday.

The department is not offering additional comment on this or future warrants, the release stated, but will notify the public when it has more material that can be released.

“Furthermore, the department will not release any additional information regarding the specific cause of death or mechanism of injury to Mrs. Bevers as we believe this is information that only the killer would know,” the release stated. “We continue to vigorously track down every single lead that comes in.”

Warrants seeking to allow police access to a shirt Bervers father-in-law Randy Bevers dropped off at a dry clearers on April 22 that appeared to have blood on it, and Bevers’ personal planner and iPad from her truck were released previously.

Anyone with specific information about the case or anyone who believes they recognize the person seen walking around in side the church wearing what police describe as clothing supposed to look like police tactical gear, should contact the department’s tip line at 972-775-7624. Anonymous tips may be left with Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-PAYS (7297).

Oak Farms Dairy is offering a $10,000 reward for a tip leading to a grand jury indictment in the case.


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