To the editor,

How could one believe that there were 8 or more purchases totaling over $100,600.00 be made over a multi-week period and Commissioner Perry know about it? During that time frame Perry was making post on his Facebook page about the work being done with the materials purchased. Two roads in particular that I recall were Oak Branch and Oak Vista. Maybe Facebook is tricking me but I cannot find a mention or photos of particular work being done in that same time period now. If it has been deleted then why? He is well known for his use of any and all media and was using it to his advantage during that time. Isn’t Perry the Prince of Transparency? This is the first time in years he hasn’t make a quick dash to the press and cameras. Myself as many felt this sudden interest Perry had in Pct. 3 roads and all the posting about it was a self-serving use of the taxpayer’s money to benefit his re-election campaign. This was apparent at the time. It was a quick whitewash and is washing away. He is being investigated for failing to follow the statutory competitive procurement procedure. If you include labor and the other materials used this cost/waste was much more than he is being investigated for. I think under the circumstances he should be investigated for Abuse of Official Capacity as well.


Bill Kinsala,