Reconstruction of Donald T. Shields Elementary expected
to finish by mid-August for 2016-2017 school year

RED OAK — The students and staff of Donald T. Shields Elementary are finishing the current school year at their temporary home campus on Live Oak Street.

Moving forward, Red Oak ISD is working closely with Cadence McShane Construction, the school’s reconstruction company, as well as insurance representatives to reopen their home campus on Ovilla Road that was severely damaged by an EF-3 tornado, with 145-155 mph winds, on Dec. 26 2015.

The tornado damage costs at Shields Elementary total approximately $10 million. As part of the recovery, Red Oak ISD learned of some inconsistencies with the school’s original construction of some exterior walls. This work was done by Ratcliff Constructors.

After a thorough study, a third party engineer recommended a correction that will soundly reinforce the exterior walls and bring the construction quality up to and even exceed construction standards. As part of the process, Ratcliff Constructors has agreed to pay for the full amount of exterior wall corrections in the amount of $160,000. Additionally, Red Oak ISD is in ongoing conversations with the school’s original inspection company regarding remediation for their portion of the project.

“I am very pleased with the reconstruction progress at Shields Elementary. The school is going to be brand new in many aspects as our students move back to their home campus in the Fall. The most important aspect is that we have complete confidence in the safety of the building moving forward,” said Scott Niven, the Red Oak ISD Superintendent. “While this has been an arduous process, we remain thankful for our contractors, insurance representatives and the Red Oak ISD Community who have been fully committed to the complete restoration of Shields Elementary on Ovilla Road.”

Red Oak ISD, the insurance company and Cadence McShane Construction anticipate the reopening DTS Elementary for the 2016-2017 school year. Substantial completion is slated for mid-August.