The all too familiar band of local activists has now set its sights on the community of Red Oak. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but it is a bit remarkable how desperate these folks are for attention. The deal for me is that I admire anyone who has the passion to contribute and make a positive difference in the world around them, but this gaggle of folks has no such interest.

Whether it’s getting attention by endless chatter, desperately seeking media attention, writing victim laden letters to the editor or frivolously running for public office, most activists are in dire need of attention. Need you doubt me, consider steps taken in the past year or so on issues like hiring Jon Kitna, on the school bond referendum, on races for precinct commissioner, on school board races and now with respect to Red Oak wanting to do what Red Oak wants to do. Most of these people don’t even live in Red Oak yet they fancy themselves on showing up and showing out. The real essence of what’s on parade can be found on a variety of social networks and, from time to time, on this very page.

The whole point is to shed light on the damage these people attempt to inflict on quality communities. Red Oak is just the latest. Same kind of garbage is going on in Cleburne … by many of these same people. Of course, they claim it’s in the name of getting government out of everything, but can you imagine the damage these folks would create if they sat on a school board, city council, commissioner’s court or held state office? After all, most of them think our police officers are criminals, city and school administrators are dopes, the media is out to get them and most spend endless amounts of time berating all kinds of people. It’s pathetic, and whether anyone likes it or not, I feel obligated to highlight the behaviors in hopes you will take note. If you want to know who they are, as is their insatiable desire, then follow us on Facebook. You’ll figure it out quickly.

I was asked this past week by more than one reader about why we publish letters from people who are so unhappy and miserable that they want to tear down everyone and everything around them. The truth is that as maddening as it can be at times, we publish every letter as long as what’s written falls within the bounds of common decency. All the name-calling and cute descriptions are, in part, what letters on our opinion page are intended to enable. That said, no media person I know of will be swayed by salty name-calling and the like. Such is part of the job and can often times be more amusing than anything valuable.

The bigger question to me though is why anyone would want to be known for espousing such views and behaviors. There’s nothing positive or appealing about it. These folks are known to loudly pound their chests on social networks, line the streets with dopey signs, run in small circles and seek media attention whenever and wherever they can get it. They have no idea how foolish they appear or how far they are from having any positive impact. Red Oak is a quality small town with an ever-growing tax base. In this case, the city is seeking to enhance its parks and ballfields so as to provide improvements for its citizens. That anyone outside of Red Oak would have anything to do with it is silly. The mayor, city council and the voting base in Red Oak are the only ones who have a say. The others can talk and perform until their heads fall off, but they should be ignored and rejected. Red Oak, just like Waxahachie, knows what’s best for its future and should be proud of the efforts being made to make it a brilliant one.

This is a free country – free for people to act out, do senseless things and to obstruct every plan for growth they want. It’s also free enough for those of us who care about a town’s future and the greatness of unity to keep them on the fringes where they belong.

So, I say roll on Red Oak. Roll on and roll over any outsider that gets in your way. You’ll find that your path will be a whole lot smoother.


Scott Brooks serves as the publisher of the Waxahachie Daily Light. Contact Scott at 469-517-1440 or by email at Follow Scott on Twitter: @ScottBrooks1405