To the Editor,

Thank you for exposing the abuse of taxpayer funds that occurred in Ellis County after Commissioner Paul Perry spent $100,600 for supplies without competitive bidding as required by law.

Although your story does not mention him by name, as Commissioner of Precinct 3, the buck stops with him. He was in charge of maintaining the roads and bridges in the precinct. He is paid by the taxpayers to manage the staff he hires. Any commissioner who says he had no idea employees were illegally spending $100,600 of taxpayer money without competitive bidding, clearly is not doing his job.

In his re-election campaign, his opponent, Frank Sanchez, ran mainly on the issue that the roads in Precinct 3 were in such deplorable shape while funds were sitting unused. It is extremely clear now that, Mr. Perry, who spent the last three years neglecting the roads, was in such a hurry to demonstrate that he was doing the job he was elected (and paid) to do, that he rushed into a massive spending campaign to fix some of the roads.

If he had not spent most of the previous three years running a campaign on issues over which he had zero control such as 2nd Amendment rights, securing the border and defunding Planned Parenthood – (issues that few in Ellis County would disagree with, which is exactly why he chose those) – he could have done his job over three years instead of a few months. Then perhaps he would not now stand accused of violating the law.

Matt McClain,