To the Editor,

I highly recommend Mickie Hill for the Waxahachie ISD school board. If you haven’t yet decided who to vote for, then I suggest you take a good look at Mickie Hill. I tend to look at how a person has contributed to their community to make it better and Mickie does that every day. I’ve had the great pleasure of working alongside her on many projects and I am thoroughly impressed with her dedication to Waxahachie and to our children. She loves our children and they love her!

I can’t think of a more compassionate and caring individual to work with and for our children. Her dedication to make a difference speaks volumes. She’s the type of mentor that I want my daughter to grow up to be. Mickie never gets tired and she is committed to making sure that our kids get the very best.

Mickie Hill has earned my vote for school board because I know that she will do a great job. She proves herself every day in our community by giving so much, and my family will show her how much we appreciate it by voting Mickie Hill, Waxahachie ISD School Board 2016.

Billie Wallace,