To the Editor,

I have only known Mickie Hill for a short period of time but long enough to realize how charming, attentive, and energetic she is. It was only minutes into our first conversation before we began discussing education in Waxahachie. I have only met a few people that have been as passionate about WISD’s educational opportunities. As a Global High student, I consider Global a very unique school. I could not have imagined going anywhere else, but I don’t think Global High is better or worse than other schools. It is just different – an option that provides more choices for local students. That is what struck me about Mickie Hill. She considers Global a different education that is great for some but not the right choice for all. She recognizes that some students are passionate about playing sports while other’s passions are in different areas, such as theatre, robotics, band, or engineering. She wants what is best for each student in the district, and she understands that Global High is just another avenue ensuring that WISD is able to offer opportunities that align to each student’s unique goals. One quote stuck out for me while we were talking. “Some students absolutely hate math. But they love theatre. If we let them focus on theatre, then maybe they’ll learn some Algebra along the way as well.” Mrs. Hill has been involved in our community and with WISD for several years, and her passion is unparalleled. She would be a great asset on the WISD School Board.

Nick Dalquest

Global High Senior