To the Editor,

In the U.S. whatever health care program we accept and provide should cover Americans COMPLETELY, no co-pays, no out of pocket expenses, no hidden costs. Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare, does not work for many Americans despite what is said about it.

Medicare is the closest program that works for most Americans who use it, but there are still additional costs and Medicare only pays 80 percent of all costs accepted by Medicare. The remaining 20 percent must be paid by the recipient. Yes, you could always get an additional Medicare supplement that would pay the remaining 20 percent, but you still have to pay the premium for it.

Remember, those on Medicare still need to buy medication out of pocket or via a Medicare Rx Program.

The truth is that affordable health care is still NOT affordable.

Those who worked most of their lives have paid into the Medicare program. Those who are Medicare recipients continue to pay a small premium and deductible each year to remain on it, yet none are completely covered.

Although I don’t support him for President, like Bernie Sanders I believe a Medicare for all approach is the best option for Americans, although the health care industry would fight that to the death ... our death.

We still need a real health care solution that works for most Americans. Medicare for all is the start of that solution.

Peter Stern,

Driftwood, Texas