To the Editor,

Now it’s becoming time to get serious about which clown can lead the circus. Those not so funny or lacked the ability to capture your attention have left the main ring only to sit in the stands and applaud for those few remaining who paid for their seats. Some have even been promised jobs with the circus for doing so.

The clowns remaining though, instead of showing what they have to stay in the circus, what can entertain us and keep the circus going, have instead directed our focus to what is going on backstage. In particular, drawing attention to each other’s wives and personal lives. That is not funny or entertaining, but rather tawdry and embarrassing to watch. Time to go to the restroom if we can find which one some lawmakers determined for us to use and to get more popcorn.

It all started when a PAC supporting the Chosen One showed the wife of the clown with the weird hair posing ala buff from a photoshoot from many years past when she was a model in Europe. Oh the scandal! I did some research and found out that this woman was a self-made, successful person before she hooked with up with the clown with weird hair. She worked her way through college. She speaks five languages. Yes, she did some modeling — that seems a little blue to American standards but least we forget that Europeans see nudity with more sophisticated, artful eyes. Now the Chosen One, previously having said false things about other clowns in the ring, had no connection to the ad showing the former model. But then again, he didn’t rebuke it as a cheap shot or tried to elevate the debate back to the center ring. Says volumes about his character.

Now in retribution, the clown with the weird hair threatened to spill some beans about the wife of the chosen one. Seems that what had happened in the married life of these people was about to be displayed in the ring. Well the Chosen One, standing on a suddenly appearing, rather shaky soapbox of morality, called foul. Then a rather sleazy program describing the clown showed those beans. And all those at the circus had to look at them. Now, I have to question his decency. But then again, whatever has happened between he and his wife within their marriage is really not any of my business or that of any other for that matter. And it has nothing to do with them being a good clown, just as does what the other wife did has on the qualifications of the clown with the weird hair.

Watching this from the stands, I began to realize that neither clown has the discipline needed to stay in the center ring. I noticed another person in the ring that was doing tricks that he had been doing for a long time. He was skillful and effective in entertaining us but unfortunately everyone else was preoccupied watching the other two clowns. Shameful, even though he was wearing the wrong color outfit, he seemed to be the best clown under that tent. I felt bad that he wasn’t being noticed.

I think that it is time to not stay under the Red tent anymore. It is appalling that what was once a good circus has deteriorated to a show of indecency and embarrassment. That those that have traditionally attended because of the color of the tent, are left to endure this sad use of their time in having to choose which clown left is the least offensive. I only hope I can make it past the assaults from campaign managers, the insults of the fringe supporters in the brown shirts or those who demand religious adherence and find my way to my car. I hear that a better circus is happening across town.

Alan Fox,