Mickie Hill noted she has always had a deep rooted love of education and educators which prompted her to pursue her degree in education from Texas State University, with an business major and English minor.

Hill said she is excited regarding the prospect of serving as a trustee on the Waxahachie ISD school board and has announced her candidacy for the election on May 7.

Hill said she always liked school and found her niche in school, stressing she believes that it is important for students to “find their niche” in order to discover a love of learning.

“I appreciate the fact that our school system offers options to young people … whether it be Waxahachie High School or Global High School, band, theatre, robotics, football, engineering, or career tech studies,” Hill said. “Involvement in specific groups will aid in appreciating the education experience, in general. A love of learning is the enduring by product.”

Hill pointed out she had a vocational education teacher in high school who inspired her love of learning.

“This amazing teacher secured a job for me during my senior year where I worked half a day and went to school half a day. Upon graduation, that job was held open for me as I would travel back and forth from San Marcos, Texas to Corpus Christi, working summers and Christmas holidays and spring breaks, which helped pay for my college education,” Hill said.

“I am seeing, in Waxahachie, opportunities similar to mine; we are living in a community where generosity abounds,” she added. “At end of year ceremonies, I have been blessed to present scholarships from many generous individuals and businesses to Global and Waxahachie High School students alike. This is one of the reasons that I appreciate serving on the WISD Education Foundation as scholarships are made available to assist students who desire to pursue higher education and grants are available to assist teachers who work tirelessly (often at their own expense) to make classrooms and programs interesting and enhanced for their students.”

Even though Hill has a background and degree in education, she said she also has a strong background in business.

In addition to working for Mokeen Oil Company to fund her college education, Hill worked with the Mitchell Development Group (Developer of the master planned community, The Woodlands), worked with Jack Rains (the 95th Secretary of State), and also developed her own business, Receivable Outsource, assisting various companies in improving their financial picture. Additionally, Hill holds her real estate license in Texas.

Hill said she is degreed in education but only became involved in teaching, in specific, when she and “the love of her life, David” moved to Waxahachie.

She said she likes the personal involvement in a smaller town, where she is a substitute teacher in WISD.

Hill said that it is a joy teaching students in a classroom and then sitting next to them on a church pew, or cheering them at a ball game.

“It is an extra delight when one of our grandchildren comes into my classroom announcing, ‘this is my Gramma!’ I love it!”

Hill said she and David love Waxahachie, adding, “We find we are suited for a small town. David said several years ago, ‘I wish we had moved here sooner.’”

Hill said she has enjoyed teaching and has learned to appreciate, first hand, the sacrifices of teachers.

“What labors of love on behalf of our children,” she said. “I deeply appreciate the ideas and struggles presented by various teachers and am always open to thoughts and suggestions on how teachers might be better served in their devoted work — educating our next generation.”

In addition to serving as a substitute teacher in in the Waxahachie Independent School District, Hill serves in the following capacities:

• WISD Education Foundation, Executive Board 2013-2016

• Selected to serve on the WISD Long Range Planning Committee 2014

• Selected to serve on the WISD Bond Oversight Committee

• Selected Global High School Steering Committee 2015-2016

• WISD Operation First Day of School, serving as Committee Chair Person/Book Drive 2014 & 2015

• Adopt a Class 2014, 2015, & 2016

• D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) Day (many years)

• First Baptist Church, serving on the Human Resource Committee

• Rotary Club of Waxahachie, Board Member for three (3) years

• Rotary Club of Waxahachie, Four Way Speech Contest Committee Member/Judge

Hill said her volunteer work has given her a variety of opportunities to network with teachers, students, parents, community leaders and friends regarding how the school district is working for them and where improvements might be needed.

Having served on the WISD Long Range Planning Committee, Hill said she was introduced “early on” to the growth Waxahachie is experiencing and how that growth affects WISD schools.

In May, 2015, Waxahachie voters passed a $125 million bond package, which “set in motion” several construction and renovation projects within the district.

Hill said she was honored to serve on the WISD Long Range Planning Committee, in 2015, as well as the WISD Bond Oversight Committee, headed by Ryan Kahlden, who reports to the school board regularly.

“If elected as your trustee, I would appreciate the importance of following through on this important responsibility concerning taxpayer dollars,” she said.

“This is the largest bond ever passed in Waxahachie. It is a lot of money!” she added. “We want to make certain that these funds are spent carefully and with wisdom. Thankfully, we are spending this money on our future.”

Hill said there are many exciting things happening in our community and for our future in our schools.

“Last week’s Daily Light offered an article, ‘What About Global?’ I am excited to have been selected to the Global High School Steering Committee and I encourage our residents to be involved if you have strong ideas regarding ‘where Global relocates,’” she said. “Now is the time! Let your opinions and ideas be known. We want to hear from you. I want to hear from you.”

Hill said a school board trustee should be a guardian of the public trust and through the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of local public education.

“The board serves as the advocate for educational excellence for the community’s youth and puts those interests first,” she said.

Hill said she believes that to be an effective advocate, one must be “on the scene,” which takes a large commitment of time.

“For several months, I have attended school board meetings which often extend late into the night,” she said. “Spending time visiting with teachers and parents at various campuses is critical in ensuring the very best for our students and our community. In May, I am in the ideal position of completing my three year commitment on the WISD Education Foundation and will have more time to serve in another capacity. I have worked many years so that I do not have to work (outside of the home) — except for my choices in volunteer work. When people speak of me, what I hear most often is ‘You’re everywhere!’ I am accessible. Because I am not committed to the important task of raising children nor under employment obligations, I am available to hear and act upon the concerns within our community, and specifically, for our children.”

Hill said she loves people — young and old alike — and believes that we are a ”community of learners.”

Hill said she may be able to teach a child when to use “their,” “they’re” or “there” in a sentence, but is ready to learn (often from a child) how to use a new “app” on her computer.

“My desire is that children — all of us— have a love of learning,” she said. “There is so much to explore and learn and live.”

Hill said she has a listening ear, a caring heart, an abundance of energy and ideas with a spirit of reconciliation and a heart to help.

Early voting begins April 25 with Election Day on May 7.

“There are two open seats in this upcoming election,” Hill said. “If you like what you know about me, I would be honored to have one of your valued votes for a trustee position on the Waxahachie ISD school board. Thank you.”