To the Editor,

I would like to show my support for Mickie Hill for WISD school board. As a teacher, I first met Mickie eight years ago through her volunteer service and substitute teaching at Howard Junior High. It quickly became apparent that she loves students and being involved in the schools. Since her background is in education, she is naturally more interested in the quality education of our students and demonstrates genuine concern for educators as well. Her engaging personality quickly makes her a favorite among students and teachers. Because of her strong work ethic and heart for the education of our community, Mickie stays busy in the classroom as a substitute teacher, volunteering in the schools, and serving on numerous district committees. Her love for Waxahachie and her passion for learning is contagious and flows to those around her.

Being a natural problem solver, Mickie has an inquisitive mind that is curious about how things work within the school district, which enables her to be a keen listener and observer. She has the ability to view a problem from a variety of different perspectives before suggesting a solution. This ability gives her wisdom when making decisions.

For years, Mickie served WISD in a variety of ways before she decided to run for school board. This position is a logical next step for someone who has the level of love and commitment to our community that she does.

Lori Moore,