Beginning Monday, the Marvin Avenue Reconstruction Project Phase Two will begin. As a result, some traffic flow variations will occur. This project is a continuation from the Phase One project that was finished last year and involved the area from Grand to West University.

The project is a 540-calendar day contract and will entail that portion of West Marvin from West University all the way to Bryson Street. The scope of work will involve the replacement and upgrades to the entirety of the public works utilities (water and waste water) and drainage systems.

During the first phase of this project, half of the width of Marvin on the southern side, which are currently the east bound lane(s), will be converted to two lane traffic. The entire northern half, or what is currently the west bound lane(s) of West Marvin will be shut off from traffic and that area will become a work zone in which the contractor will work on replacing the various utilities and drainage systems that are currently in that area.

At some point during the weeks following, this traffic pattern will flip with the southern half of West Marvin being shut down while work is done in that area. This flipping of traffic will most likely happen several times over the course of the project in order to complete all the utilities and drainage while keeping both the public and the workers safe in their designated zones. Utility and drainage construction will take approximately six months. This schedule may fluctuate depending on weather and other unforeseen issues. Once this work is complete, then the demolition phase will begin, at which time the existing street will be demolished and removed in preparation for the construction of the new pavement. With the exception of asphalt transitions to the adjoining side streets, the entirety of the new pavement will consist of concrete.

For questions regarding this project or other Public Works projects, please contact the city of Waxahachie at 469-309-4000.